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According to TWD editor Sean Mackiewicz, one of the biggest characters in the connected universe could potentially show up in the future.

The Walking Dead Editor Confirms Surprising Character Is Eligible For TV Appearance

There are many different personality types that go along with the countless zombies roaming the post-apocalyptic south on “The Walking Dead.” Some traits in a living human would be considered a negative, but in a walker could come in quite handy.

Which ‘The Walking Dead’ zombie are you?

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln get brutally honest about the “rough” and ”painful” Season 7.

The Walking Dead Stars Hated the First Half of This Season, Too 

A lot of fans may have missed the connection but the doctor who cared for Maggie during her pregancy complications is named Harlan Carson. Harlan is Emmett’s brother.

The Walking Dead: The Crucial Detail Of Negan’s Doctor You Missed

According to AMC, the title of Season 7, Episode 9 is “Rock in the Road,” with this very brief synopsis: “Rick is introduced to a new community.”

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