5 Zombie Makeup Tips You Can’t Live Without

Posted: July 2, 2016 in Home Page

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By AJ Mandeville

Zombies have become a part of the modern zeitgeist, but few people realize how long they’ve been a part of popular culture. Sure zombies have historically come in all shapes and sizes- from the bleary-eyed, tetrododoxin-poisoned slaves of the Caribbean, to rotting, shambling corpses we see today on television shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead– but the essence of a zombie and what makes it terrifying is best captured in the full execution of creating one of the living dead. Below are some tips on how to go from mediocre mortis to wonderful walker!

Nailed it Nailed it!

1) Study your anatomy

It’s easy enough to just slather on a bunch of latex and some blood and dark eye shadow and say, “Hey, I am a zombie. Give me your brains, please,” but that is a corpse cop-out. Do some research! Yes, the NSA may raise an eyebrow…

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